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Easy Lift Rake

The easy lift rake, the easiest, safest way to carry and weigh lambs. Best thing since preprinted ear tags!  Lightweight and can easily carry 2 in each hand with lambs if need be.  Easily catch that newborn lamb without touching it and while you have it securely in the lift rake you can weight it safely without struggling with a bag or flimsy sling that has to be balanced just right to work.  Instead this is the one stop shop for catching, moving and weighing your lambs with ease.

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“Finally some sheep shirts with style. Great designs and options.”
“THE BEST seasoning ever! If you cook lamb, then you need Lambtastic seasoning”
“Love the Katahdin shirts. Super soft and already feel like my favorite old tshirt.”
“Nice selection of caps. I have 3 already and can't wait for another!”

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