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The Lambtastic Lamb Seasoning

I guess I never really noticed the void in lamb seasoning when I first got into raising sheep.  One of the biggest complaints I would hear is “I don’t know how to cook it”…

We all see the fancy restaurants and magazines with lamb and some of the most exotic or strong seasoning to cover the strong flavors or older mutton or stronger profile lamb, and I never liked any of those.

American lamb is such a milder lamb, you can have a wonderful dinning experience with simple seasoning blend that I developed based on simple salt/pepper base.

I think the best seasoning complements the flavor of meat, rather than overpowers it. This spice blend is mostly salt and pepper, the additional ingredients serve to add interest and balance to your meat.  The herbs add just enough brightness to keep you coming back for more.

This blend works great on most all meats and veggies too!  Sliced potatoes drizzled with oil and seasoned with Lambtastic and roasted in oven!  Awesome.  Deer, beef, chicken or poultry as well.

One of my favorites is smoked bologna and sprinkle of Lambtastic makes it magical!


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1.5 oz, 7 oz


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“Finally some sheep shirts with style. Great designs and options.”
“THE BEST seasoning ever! If you cook lamb, then you need Lambtastic seasoning”
“Love the Katahdin shirts. Super soft and already feel like my favorite old tshirt.”
“Nice selection of caps. I have 3 already and can't wait for another!”

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