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Quick Reference Guide for Shepherds

The Quick Reference Guide for Shepherds is 74 pages by shepherds Kathy Bielek of OH and Roxanne Newton of GA that originated as a personal quest to organize all the articles, tables, fact sheets, barn records and scribbled notes they have collected and relied on over the years to help them manage their own flocks.  The idea to share this information with other shepherds evolved over the last few years with the goal to develop a manual that could be used to look up relevant information quickly and conveniently.  They tried to cover as much basic information as possible while expanding on other topics so that the content is useful for both new and experienced shepherds.  This guide is not meant to be all encompassing.  Every flock and management system are different, so some sections may not be pertinent or useful for every shepherd.

The forms and records provided are intended to be used as templates that can be customized for your system.  The health section is a compilation of several common illnesses and conditions presented in a similar format to help the shepherd recognize when veterinary intervention is needed.  They suggest you consult with your veterinarian to develop a plan of care before illnesses arise so that prompt treatment can be initiated.  The resource section will direct you to some of the sources they have found useful when they need more in-depth information.

Kathy & Roxanne hope this guide will serve not only as a quick reference to identify immediate problems, but also provide tools to help avoid problems in the future.

Happy shepherding!

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