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Post: Items discussed during podcasts

Items discussed during podcasts

We have had lots of questions regarding some items mentioned during the podcast. A blog only makes perfect sense so people can see images of what we are talking about and find links to those items or products.

The goal will be to do these for each episode going forward if there are things mentioned that could be of value.

Sterimatic Vaccination Pack - 1/2'
One of the items I have been asked about is this Sterimatic attachment

This attachment on the Sterimatic® Vaccination Pack acts as a needle guard to prevent accidental self-injection, while also preventing cross infection and spread of disease. The white Stericap® on the end of the guard is filled with a disinfectant agent consisting of Gluteraldehyde (2.5%) and Bardac 22 (5%). A sponge within the Stericap® is soaked with disinfectant and wipes the needle when it passes in and out. Each Stericap® works for 100 injections.

How it works, after attaching the sleeve and Stericap to your syringe, I use Prima Tech, you inject as normal. As the Stericap is pushed against the skin, the sleeve automatically retracts. The needle is cleaned as it goes through the Stericap into the animal. Then as the needle is withdrawn, the sleeve automatically extends and the needle is cleaned for a second time and then covered and protected.

For lambs I use the 1/2″ Sterimatic with 1″ needles. I usually hit at a slight angle which would put my depth of injection in the subcutaneous layer without having to make a tent and inject within that tent.